MediaMonkey Gold v4 Lifetime License

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MediaMonkey Gold v4 Lifetime License

MediaMonkey Gold is Ranked#1 media player that needs no introduction.
After a very longtime, MediaMonkey has released a major upgrade. This new version comes with many new features that turnsMediaMonke y from a mere music organizer into an all-in-one media manager.
Let us quickly go through the main features of new MediaMonkey 4.
Product Highlights Installation & Configuration :
MediaMonkey 4 can be installed as portable version,so that you can carry MediaMonkey wherever you go. After installation a welcome screen will guide youin setting up MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey 4 Configuration It’ll take you through severalsteps that helps you turn thestandard edition into Gold edition (if you have a key), add folders to media library etc,.While adding folders to Media Library, it’ll gives youseveral other options like Folder-Monitori ng and Scan at Startup, which lets you update the media player automatically when new files are added to the monitored folders.
If you are upgradingfrom MediaMonkey 3, then your media library will stay intact. Not only that, you canalso import songs, playlists and ratings from other media players like Windows Media Player, iTunes and Winamp. New Interface : MediaMonkey 4 gets new highly customizable interface.It intelligently divides your whole Media library in such a way that you can quickly access the desired files easily. You cansort your media library in variety of ways using 50 different kinds of filters (likeArtist, Album, Track, Bitrate,Title, Mood, Occasion, filename, Samplerate, Extension etc). Italso offers new tabbed interface and weall know how useful the tabscan be. With these tabs, youcan easily perform different tasks on MediaMonkey at once. Organize your library asyoulike : Usually, many media playerswill organize your media files as Music, Video, Playlists etc.But, MediaMonkey goes a step further and lets the user organize his media files as he likes. And that feature is called as Collections in MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey Collections: In order to create your own collection, Goto File > ManageCollectio ns. A new window opens from where you can edit the media tree. As you can see MediaMonkey offers many collections by default. So, to create a new collectionclick on Add New collection at the bottom. Supports Video Encoding& Playback : Playing Videos in MediaMonkey 4 We all know that MediaMonkey supports playback and encoding of audio files. But, with this new version MediaMonkey supports wide range of videoformats via MediaMonkey Codec Pack or other codec packs (K-lite, CCCP codec packs etc). But, video conversion/ encoding is done only with the help ofCodec Pack. Codec Pack supports unlimited video playback, but video conversion is limited. to 30 days So, if you want to have video conversion feature then you have to buythe Codec Pack which costs$11.95. Generate Custom Thumbnail: Another interesting feature inMediaMonkey is the ability to generate custom thumbnails for videos. Usually, in media players thethumbnails of videos are generated automatically. But,in MediaMonkey you can decide which frame should be the thumbnail of the video. So, that you can easily recognizethat video in your media library. In order to generate a custom thumbnail, first playthe video in wide screen mode. Then right-click on video and select “Save Thumbnail”. Now, MediaMonkey will let you generate the thumbnail. So, select “From Current Video Frame”, to create thumbnail of that frame.
Supports Portable Devices :
MediaMonkey device supportMediaMon key 4 supports wide range of devices like Android devices,ipod, iPhone etc. You can sync your media files without worrying about file conversion.
MediaMonkey Gold, features on-the-fly conversion that converts video and audio files into device compatible format while syncing. Last year I hadexplained how to sync media to portable devices via on-the-fly conversion, so gothrough it,if you are interested in this on-the-fly conversion feature.
Addons : By default, MediaMonkey is highly customizable and no extra addons are needed formost of the part. But, addonsare required in orderto support few missing features.Severa l addons and skins are available to enhance the functionality of MediaMonkey and you can download them from the addons webpage.

System Requirements

*. Windows®2000/ XP/Vista™/ Windows® 7
*. 01 GHz processor or Above
*. RAM: *. 256 MB (Microsoft Windows®2000/ XP)
*. 512 MB (Microsoft Windows® Vista™/ Windows® 7)
*. 50 MB Available Hard DiskSpace
*. Internet Explorer 6 or Above

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